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Durham Club Members take great pride in been actively involved in a wide range of Pony Club disciplines and activities with a number of memorable milestones and accomplishments over the years:

National Tetrathlon

1987: Bobbi Lehman, Kelly Kime
1988: Bobbi Lehman, Karen Burt
1989: Vicki Robinson, Donna brewer
1990: Donna Brewer
1996: Laura Timms and Elaine Young
2000: Katie Murray
2001: Katie Murray, Jordan Thompson

National Quiz

1989: Vicki Robinson, Bobbi Lehman,
Melissa Evans

National Dressage

1995: Dania Codlin
1996 Beth Murray
2013 Jessi Rowe

National PPG Masters

2005: Katie Murray, Rebecca Simmons

National PPG A

1989: Vicki & Heather Robinson, Keith Reid,
Dana Codklin, Tanya Dervent

National Rally

1988: Bobbi Lehman, Melissa Evans
1999: Ashley Lawrence, Beth Murray

International PPG

1990: Keith Reid
1991: Vicky Robinson
1995: Lisa Reid
2002: Katie Murray

International Dressage

2004: Beth Murray

First International

2005: Katie Murray

Cultural Exchange

National Show Jumping

2007: Andrea McGill
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