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  • The “Ballet” of the horse world, with the horse exercising a series of prescribed movements with precision and grace. At the lower levels of pony club, dressage relates to basic flatwork.
  • Foundation from which all of the riding disciplines within pony club evolve
  • Dressage builds flexibility, obedience and gymnastic ability in the horse
  • Region usually holds 2 or 3 dressage shows a year, these can qualify a rider for a provincial competition (Zones) or Regional Finals
  • At each show a rider performs at least 2 prescribed tests and sometimes a “Freestyle”
  • A Freestyle or Kur is when the horse and rider perform the required movements to music, in a pattern choreographed to fit both the horse's best features and the music
  • Levels of competition include: Entry and Starter (walk/trot only), Pre-Training (basic walk/trot/canter) and the higher levels: Training, First Level, Second Level, Third Level and Fourth Level
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